Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Gateway Sign“MC is a welcoming institution, and the College’s refreshed entrances at the Rockville and Germantown campuses showcase our hospitality even more,” says Emily Schmidt, marketing director. The new gateway signs feature brushed-silver lettering mounted on stone.

Digital signage was incorporated into the entrance areas to improve communications with the community. Students and visitors to campus now receive information about events and opportunities upon arrival. The signs are also visible to drivers passing by Observation Drive (at Germantown), and North Campus Drive and Mannakee Street (at Rockville).

The signs are part of our comprehensive marketing and communication strategy,” Schmidt says. “We now have the opportunity to easily communicate with the MC community and the general public at the same time. The signs give us a new outlet to publicize the outstanding opportunities at MC, whether it be a new degree program, a conference on campus, or any other pertinent MC news and events.”

“The nice thing about the new digital gateway signs,” says Staffan Sandberg, digital media manager, MCTV communications, “is the messaging can be created, posted, and scheduled from our centralized Communications Office. It is even tied to the Emergency Communication System, which can instantly display messages in the event of a campus emergency or weather closure.”


Photography by Pete Vidal


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