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by Nathan McMullen

Nakapan Phungephorn is a former professional kickboxer, MMA fighter, several time world champion in Brazilian jujitsu, and the current owner of BETA Academy DC, a successful martial arts academy in NW Washington, DC. Nakapan is the head instructor at the Academy, he is a 4th degree black belt in BJJ and has attained the level of Kru in muay thai. I met Master Nakapan around 3 years ago when I started training at BETA Academy. At the time I was a scrawny kid with no real direction in life. All that changed once I became immersed in the community of BETA Academy. I gained confidence and a fighting spirit that allowed me to set out on my path as a leader in my own life. For this reason, I had to ask my mentor Master Nakapan for an interview. His business is a profit-oriented venture that has a mission of making the community and its members stronger through martial arts training. This is exactly the kind of social enterprise that the SMLP focuses on.

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