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by Marlena Bauer

I had the privilege of interviewing my boss Kevin Michael Bruce, owner of both Kevin M. Bruce Training and Brokerage as well as CB Farm in Poolesville, Maryland. While I have been working for Kevin for almost four years, I did not know how he got to where he is today or where he came from. Mr. Bruce has been specializing in training and developing hunter, jumper and equitation horses for almost 40 years. He credits his success in the industry to his love and passion for the sport. While he briefly branched out into the entertainment industry (he modeled for Dior and was in a Madonna music video) he always ran his equestrian business Kevin M. Bruce Training and Brokerage concurrently. Mr. Bruce believes all great equestrians have two of three key characteristics: money, talent, and dedication.  Mr. Bruce’s inspiration stems from his first trainer Anne Page as well as his overall love and passion for the horses and riders. This is similar to me as if it were not for Holly Chester and Mr. Bruce himself, I do not believe I would be as committed to a career in this industry. Mr. Bruce’s great advice to me was to keep my head on straight, be prepared to work extremely hard, and with all the glitz and glam the industry can offer, to ultimately not lose track of why I want to pursue a career in the sport.

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