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By Jason Acevedo
On Thursday, November 9, I attended a show case and happy hour at Launch Workplaces at the Rio in Gaithersburg, MD. I attended this event with Jason Denny and we both had a great experience. At the time the event started, everyone was networking. Launch Workplaces gave plenty of time to network with the entrepreneurs who attended the event. Jason Denny and I met an entrepreneur who sells and installs solar panels. We exchanged ideas for a while and he asked us for our business cards because he was looking for young people to promote his business. After him we also networked with someone who had a lot of knowledge about bio science and was there because he was planning on opening a business related to bio science.
After networking, Launch Workplaces presented three panelists. They were three entrepreneurs and part of Launch Workplaces. Two of them started at Launch Workplaces and one of them was from a different state and moved to Maryland to start a business at Launch Workplaces. They all recommended Launch Workplaces because it is a great place to start with. Launch Workplaces made it easier to network. They network and promote their business in between them. Since they are all at the same place they get to know each other very well and what they do and how they work. This helped them to team up with other businesses at Launch Workplaces and expand their business.
By attending this event I acquired more experience on networking and also learned how working along with other startups is the best way to expand your business. As I was talking to entrepreneurs, I learned how to listen and then exchange ideas with them. I would use what I learned for future networking events. Listening and learning new ideas was a great experience for me. Also, exchanging ideas was a great way for a successful network.

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