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The Hillman students officially opened their brand new student lounge with presentations about their great new business ideas, good food thanks to Chartwell’s catering, and a whole lot of good cheer. You could feel the excitement as one by one each student sold their idea–everything from a new child care center, to a variety of mentoring and coaching ventures, to accounting services, to an array of specialty restaurants and food stores, to event planners and photographers, to an interior design firm–and finally to a glorious spa where customers can relax and bask in the glory of mother nature herself. The Hillman students were joined by their intern sponsors, their colleagues at UMD, seminar visitors from the Census Bureau and the Patent Office, and Cheryl Hillman, representing the good wishes of the Hillman family.
The excitement continued, when amenities were added just a few weeks later, as presented in InsideMC.

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