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Richard Stimac: Cassandra / Priam

by Richard Stimac CassandraAt recess, the boys pinched her budding breasts.She cried but didn’t flinch. The mean girls laughed.The teachers ignored her honest protests.As if by divine will, a turgid shaftof sunlight penetrated a cleft cloud.Just one teacher (the faculty…

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Josh Mahler: Acceptance

by Josh Mahler Acceptance after “When I used to focus on the worries, everybody” by Joanne Kyger If you ask why I don’t fear death, a reason good enough for meis waiting for the kinship of the sun, the light…

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Pat Daneman: We Wish No Less For You

By Pat Daneman We Wish No Less for You You have everythingwe could not helpbut leave behind—rough-polished charms,chiseled tools,baskets and clay cupsin pieces or unbrokenas the day they last were filled.Raised up on columnsof stone, in a spacelike a temple,…

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The First Conceit

Maxx Dempsey The First Conceit Eve discovered Adam had already bit the apple. He had eatenthe whole thing. This was the first lie man told woman.The surprise on his face at the taste of her offering was well put-on,but he…

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Revelation  by Sarah Starr Murphy Her mother named her Margaret, but the name slid off the infant’s greasy, vernix-coated skin. Everyone who loved the child called her Sweet One. Sweet One’s childhood was the rippling hush of barley in a…

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