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Black Lives Matter

Potomac Review supports the Black Lives Matter Movement. The journal recognizes the unfair treatment of Black people in America and seeks to amplify the voices of those experiencing these injustices. Consider reading Women, Race, and Class by Angela Davis, or…

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Literary Links Day! Weekend Edition

Argentina's literary culture is taking steps to stay alive.Great short Q&A with inimitable Borges:"How do you distinguish the literary from the philosophical means in that story? Could you explain that? Borges: Oh, well, yes, I’ll explain very easily…. Encyclopedias have…

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Literary Links Day!

In case you ever need to say these hard-to-pronounce writers' names; here's a list of pronunciations.Any article on poetry is a good article on poetry, I guess you can say. But this NPR essay and list of books to read…

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Literary Links Day

The New York Times delves into the science of literature. Why do we read fiction? Get past the "Friends" reference at the beginning, and you'll be okay.The quote says it all about this short story:"You’d especially sing along if a…

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Literary Link Hump Day

This is the new PR literary links Hump Day. It's what we as editors, interns, and literary lovers are reading when we're not reading submissions... Check out NPR's three-minute fiction contest, and have your story read on air! Kurt Vonnegut,…

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