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Hey! Welcome to my third entry at MC Voices, today I will be sharing with you all a cool “secret” here at MC!

Snacks, food, personal hygiene goods, and housekeeping supplies are available in the pantry on each of the three main campuses (Student Services Building). You are invited to pick up a snack to get you through your next class and to take a few items home as an MC student. Donations Welcome! Questions? Contact (240)-567-7840

Herbert Marques

Hey there! What's up? I'm Herbie. I'm 19 years young and originally from California. I'm currently a pre-med student studying Biochemistry here at MC. I’m of Brazilian, Italian and Arabic descent. I'm a part time model as well as a world traveler and have been to almost every single continent, I have friends all over the world thanks to my amazing travel opportunities.

Some of my favorite things are playing soccer, watching movies, shopping, working out, exploring new places, talking to my friends and I have a passion for fashion.

I decided to partake in MC voices as I enjoy social media and blogging as most teens do, I also wish to share my thoughts and opinions as a college student in the 2020's.

“Progress Not Perfection” - Anonymous. A little quote that has gotten me through tough times and wish to share with others.

Let's Stay Connected! @Herbiemarq on Instagram

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