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I remember being a senior in high school and thinking that Montgomery college would be easier because it was a community college. Wrong… extremely wrong actually. Don’t be fooled; just because you’re attending a community college does not mean it’s any different if you were to be taking the class at UMD or any other school. While some of the classes are hard, the good things outweigh the strenuous work. For starters, the professors at MC make the biggest difference in your education. The professors are all passionate about their work and always willing to help their students.

Personally, all the professors I’ve had have been very experienced in their field and always go out of their way to help us. Funny enough, in high school, my teachers would tell me that the professors in college wouldn’t be as understanding as teachers were in high school. Wrong again lol. Teachers at MC are more understanding and reasonable. Now of course there is more to community college than that. At MC there are endless clubs available for students to join. Clubs such as Newspaper clubs, science clubs, and even chess clubs are truly something for everyone’s interest at MC. MC is honestly a great place to take your first step towards higher education. 

Ashley Neyra

Hello everyone! My name is Ashley Neyra. I was born and raised in Montgomery county. I'm a first year student at Montgomery college; I am currently studying general studies in History, Arts, communication and language.

Although, like many others I'm not sure what I'm doing and what I want in the long run. Currently I'm on the mission of trying anything and everything:) One thing I can say for certain is that math is definitely not in my future plans lol. But I know for sure that what I want to do is help other people. Whether it be in my own neighborhood or in 3rd world countries (saying that out loud sounds extremely cheesy lol) but it's something I'm set on doing. Now I just have to focus on the how aspect of that idea. When I'm not contemplating life, In my free time I love learning and hearing about other people's cultures. But I also love taking pictures. Street photography is my go to ( you can see some of my work on instagram @_ashley__c and @acn_pics_ :) My photography also encourage of much I also love traveling and getting to know new places. But I also enjoy reading; I read almost just about anything and this statement is also true for my music taste lol. I’ve also gotten back into writing recently; nothing much but short stories and such.

I'm happy to be here and excited to see what comes out of my time here at Montgomery college!

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