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by Matthew Friday

Look Out

At a look-out just west of the Mosier Tunnels
a herd of tourists admire the view, comment
that the island down there with the white jetty
and a brick house would be a good place to stay.
A $500 a night kinda hotel place. They all nod.

I thought it was the sacred Native burial island,
confusing it with the one upstream. Feeling
displaced justice, I quietly condemn them all
as fattened city day-trippers, electronically
assisted and ignorant. I am the ignorant one.

This is Eighteenmile Island, or locally known
as Chicken Charlie’s Island. From 1915-1963,
Charles Reither lived there and died there,
had a chicken ranch / never had chickens.
Truth lost. Now a $500 a night day-dream.

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