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I started at MC in the Spring of 2022. Why I chose Montgomery College was mainly because of two reasons: the proximity to where I live and the ranking. If I am asked the same question now, I could give reasons that are more personal. When I look back at my time here, I see how much I have grown.

Academically, I understand clearly now more than ever about my career goals after a degree in International Studies. Extra-curricular-wise, I found so many opportunities to be involved on campus. The office of student life at MC really wants to enhance your college experience. I myself joined the student senate, the newspaper, clubs, and the student activities board. Here’s how the extra-curriculars have helped me so far: I have networked, gotten leadership experience and more importantly I can proudly say that I have made friends.

Why would I recommend MC to you? Honestly, it is such a wholesome experience. This is coming from someone who stays on campus from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. There are so many resources to help you succeed academically: Online tutoring, on-campus learning centers, and library resources are some that I can think of. Additionally, there are circumstance-specific resources too: Disability Support Service, SHAW Center, International Students Office, and Combat-to-College among many others.

Furthermore, because MC is so transfer-oriented, Professors and counsellors come together to make sure that your transfer dreams come true.

For sports enthusiasts, MC has athletic teams. There’s the student government and Macklin Business Institute if you’re interested in taking initiative. In case you just want to participate, so many fun events happen year around.

To sum up, all three campuses have something for everyone. It’s up to you at the end of the day, how many opportunities you make use of. Your years at MC could either be boring or super fun, you choose. MC has a sense of community and trust me, you belong here. Find your place, find your people and you will not find it boring.

To conclude, and emphasize on how we are a community, here is an example. People are so enthusiastic about the World Cup, right? In the SV Atrium on the Rockville campus, we literally have the matches played on the screen. We sit together and cheer on our teams and while we do that, we bond as a community and get to know each other.

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