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Studying, in a college setting, can be an intimidating process and as we are slowly getting out of this pandemic. More and more classes are being offered in person and so learning how to study in a class is a must. Today, I would like to share my tips for studying that I wished I knew in my first semester of college.

Keep Organize

Whether you are a part-time or full-time student, it is very important to keep all your notes from lectures, PowerPoints, textbooks, etc. in one area. All MC students should have access to Microsoft which allows you to open up applications like Outlook, Excel, Word and much more. My favorite application to have on my laptop is called “One Note”. There I organize all the tabs with the class I am taking and then within those tabs; I organize each unit of the class. Depending on the class, I like to have one section of vocabulary and a section of notes from lecture. If your professor gives out study guides, I highly recommend saving it so you can reference it in your study plan. READ the syllabus that your professor gives you. All professors are required to give you a syllabus that gives you a layout of each week of class. Note each date of assignments and exams because some professor will not remind you, so you are responsible to be prepared for class.

Find your study method 

I found that I am not the type of student who can cram the night before an exam and ace it. Find time each day to look over material even if it is just twenty minutes. Most MC students either have jobs, take care of family, or simply have busy schedules so make sure you don’t take more credits that you can afford. Some people are auditory learners so recording lectures can help you. Others, like myself, are visual learners so we have to see diagrams or pictures to understand concepts. Sometimes, writing on pen and paper helps people remember better than typing on a computer. The study method process is the hardest part of the studying journey, it takes trial and error but overtime you will find what works best with you. The sooner you start the better!

Hydrate and Rest

The study process is easier said than done. When midterm or finals week comes around, it is a stressful week for all students but what is more important than grades is your well-being. Take time to recharge and prioritize your own mental health. Take breaks within your study time. The Pomodoro technique consists of studying for forty-five to fifty minutes and then taking a ten-minute break and has been proven to be effective. All students study at their own pace. Never feel like you are not fast or smart enough for anything, you are capable. Grades do not define you! As students, we are dealt with a lot of hurdles in life. If you feel like you need a break, take a break! Being a student takes hard work and perseverance, but it is possible and attainable.


A great way to get really focused on studying is having an open and quiet space. Montgomery college offers a library in all campuses. They are open from 8:30am- 8pm. Their facilities also offer computers if technology is not easily available to you. The MC Library on the MC website allows you to access scholarly articles that can be used in your papers. There are webinars in MLA/ APA citations that are offered on zoom. One resource that I highly recommend is SMARTHINKING. This is a great source if you want to improve your papers or if you just simply need help composing a paper. I recommend all MC students to use this application for their papers.

Jazlleen Ramirez

¡Hola todos! My name is Jazlleen Ramirez, and I am a first-year student at Montgomery College. I am from Damascus, Maryland and I lived here since I was six years old. I will be starting my second semester of Montgomery College in Spring of 2022. I am 19 years old, and I graduated from Damascus High School in June of 2021. I am currently majoring in Nursing, but I am still considering other medical professions. I’d like to think that I am very headstrong with my opinions and views of life. Even as headstrong as I am, I am very open minded and optimistic.
Being a first-generation Latina, education has always been a priority to me. I hope to write my experiences with MC and my plans in studying medicine. I wish to inspire or motivate any other students in my similar shoes. As young as I am, I still believe I have much to offer, and I hope you all enjoy reading my blogs as I document my two cents of MC!

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