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“Sometimes Beauty Is Enough”: A Conversation with Ivy Grimes

Ivy Grimes is a poet and fiction writer. She holds an MFA from the University…

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I Couldn’t Wait for Distance: A Conversation with Mia Herman

Mia Herman is a writer and editor living in Queens, NY. Her work has appeared…

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So I Mainly Just Write: A Conversation with Lori D’Angelo

Lori D’Angelo earned her MFA from WVU in 2009. Since then, her short fiction has…

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Mountain Road, Late At Night By Alan Rossi

Woke: A Review of Alan Rossi’s Mountain Road, Late at Night

In Alan Rossi’s, Mountain Road, Late at Night, Nathaniel, from whose perspective the first quarter…

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We Know Better

In Terminal, an installation I saw at the entrance of the Smithsonian’s Sackler Gallery, its…

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The Daunting Irreversible Sacrifice of Giving Up and the Sensual Image of Stinky Cat Litter: A Conversation with John Talbird 

John Talbird is an English professor at Queensborough Community College in New York and the…

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Treading Psyches and Geographies: A Conversation with Ashley Farmer

Ashley Farmer is the author of The Women (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2016), The Farmacist (Jellyfish…

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In Order to Win, You Have to Play to Lose: A Conversation with Laura Sweeney

Laura Sweeney is an associate editor for Eastern Iowa Review and the facilitator of Writers…

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Meet Magnolia: A Conversation with Lisa A. Levy

“He hoped Magnolia’s soul had taken to the sky like a kite on a beach…

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The Freedom to be Uncivilized and Conjuring Empathy for Those Who Don’t Deserve It: A Conversation with Brad Eddy

Brad Eddy is a fiction writer who earned his Master’s in Fine Arts from the…

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Et Cetera


And Just Like That,

The OSM is back online.  The intrepid Julie Wakeman-Linn, our fearless editor-in-chief, has solved the…

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Our Submission Manager is Down

but not out.  We are working to get it back online and will post an…

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Have You Read. . . 56?

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Introducing Albert Kapikian

We'd like to welcome Albert Kapikian to our publication.  Albert  is an Adjunct Professor of…

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Current Issue

#66 | FEATURING: Roy Bentley, K. L. Browne, Megan E. Calhoun, Maryann Corbett, Catherine Esther Cowie, Lori D’Angelo, A. Kathryn Davis, Orman Day, Janice Deal, Katherine Fallon, Rachael Gay, Peter Grandbois, Connie Jordan Green, Mia Herman, Tim Keppel, Hari Bhajan Khalsa, Lisa Low, Raymond Luczak, Al Nyhart, Alejandro Perez, Michael Phillips, Rita Quillen, Barbara Schwartz, Michele Sharpe, Tufik Shayeb, Tyler Sones, John Talbird, Anne Hunley Trisler, Louise White, Sarah Wyman.

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Potomac Review Issue 66 - Spring 2020

Potomac Review has been made possible through the generosity of the MC Foundation and by the Paul Peck Humanities Institute at Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland © 1996 – 2022




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