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Issue 71

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Table of Contents:


Renny Gong / Fluke

John Talbird / That’s Not Writing, It’s Typing

Jordan Gisselbrecht / Nothing’s Serious When You’re Seventeen

Katherine Vondy / There’s a German Compound Word for Everything

Trevor Lanuzza / The Cosplay Show

Trudy Lewis / Wave

John Rolfe Gardiner / Their Grandfather’s Clock

M.S. Coe / Ability Studies

Karen Regen-Tuero / They All Agreed


Eric Wilson / On Becoming German

Roberta Payne / The Opposite of Dancing

Georgia English / How Are Her Spirits?

Paul Dalmas / The Fabulous Fat-Boy Follies


Truth Thomas / Hail Mamie Full of Grace

Jim Daniels / Out with the Old

David Prather / Elliptical Orbit  / Round Trip

Margaret Ingraham / Wonder

Grace Q. Song / Oil

J. M. Jordan / Antlers / In Praise of the Graze Wound

Ann Quinn / Connecticut Avenue

Donna Pucciani / Mourning Doves

Nancy White / Unemployed

Andrea Potos / Daily Practice


Caleb Berer / An Interview with Katherine Vondy

issue 71


M.S. Coe * Paul C. Dalmas * Jim Daniels * Georgia English * John Rolfe Gardiner * Jordan Gisselbrecht * Renny Gong * Margaret B. Ingraham * J.M. Jordan * Trevor Lanuzza * Trudy Lewis * Roberta Payne * Andrea Potos * David B. Prather * Donna Pucciani * Ann Quinn * Karen Regen-Tuero * Grace Q. Song * John Talbird * Truth Thomas * Katherine Vondy * Nancy White, Eric Wilson

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