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Potomac Review supports the Black Lives Matter Movement. The journal recognizes the unfair treatment of Black people in America and seeks to amplify the voices of those experiencing these injustices. Consider reading Women, Race, and Class by Angela Davis, or How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi, to learn more about privilege in America.

Potomac Review is dedicated to a free and equal society, and publishing pieces that represent those ideals. We will continue to promote literature representative of the human experience, including that of race, gender, class, and other social biases. If you are in the publishing industry, we ask that you consider implicit biases and how they might affect opportunities presented to writers of different backgrounds. Also, we ask readers to consider what they are reading and the perspectives of their authors, and to recognize underlying racist beliefs prevalent within our society, as they often seep into literature.

We must remember that this fight is to protect people now and in the future, and it cannot be fought alone. Not only is racism a major issue in the criminal justice system, but it is embedded in every layer and institution of society. Institutionalized, structural, interpersonal, and internalized racism are ever-present, and those with privileges have the responsibility to dismantle racism on each level. Everyone needs to step up, speak up, and show up for human rights. It may take time, but continuing to speak out will ensure concrete change. All lives cannot matter until Black Lives Matter.


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