Potomac Review submissions are now accepting year round but expect slower response times in the summer months; only one submission at a time per reading period. Potomac Review no longer accepts paper submissions by mailSend your work via Submittable: PotomacReview.Submittable.com.

We typically respond within four to six months.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted if identified. Please see guidelines below for withdrawing your work if another publication has accepted it.

We do not accept multiple submissions.

Accepted contributors will be compensated with two complimentary copies and a 40% discount for extras.

Finally, we love creativity, but when it comes to manuscripts, we appreciate double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman.

Questions? Email: PotomacReviewEditor@MontgomeryCollege.edu


Fiction & Nonfiction

  • Limit prose to 5,000 words.

  • Our magazine is creative; we do not accept academic writing for nonfiction.

  • Please contact us and withdraw your submission from Submittable if it’s accepted elsewhere.


  • Poetry submissions are limited to three poems with a maximum of five pages.

  • Inform us of stanza breaks/no breaks if your poem lapses onto another page.

  • If you are submitting simultaneously and one or more of your poems are accepted elsewhere, please contact us and also withdraw your submission from Submittable. Resubmit your remaining, unaccepted poems.