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Snow Poem or Love Poem?

In this record-setting snoverkill, I've toyed with my fair share of snow poems. There's a lot of white, snow on snow, snow on snow. What are your favorite winter poems?And now Valentine's Day is here, and Poetry Foundation also has…

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Poetry Contest Last Day!

This morning we've received a flurry of emails asking us whether the Feb. 1st deadline is a postmark or received by deadline for the Poetry Contest. We didn't stipulate, so we will accept those postmarked by Feb. 1st.But if you…

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We are in the final stages of Issue 47, so we've been slightly unavailable for blogging. But here are some articles we've been reading, in section we call "Marginalia"....The Death of Fiction article his been discussed by far smarter people…

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We're off to whoville

How to turn an editor into a Grinch....1. Address your cover letter to the previous (6 issues ago) editor....2. Let your spam blocker get in the way of communication with current editor...3. If you give us an email address, realize…

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