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Life Lessons

My indecisiveness has caused me to have just started writing this post. It's 5:13 p.m. on a Friday instead of my usual Friday morning. I don't know if this has to do with me being a woman (I mean well)…

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The Show Must Go On

So sorry for the late upload, everyone! I've been incredibly busy and overworked, and if you watch the video, you'll also see why I was late with this week's vlog. The first weekend of Natural Causes was a success! This…

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Focus on the Positive

It's very easy to let adversity and clamor burden you; it's easy to focus on the negative. Did you ever have this happen? You were having a fantastic day and everything was going great, but you bumped into someone and…

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The Season of…change?

Current Mood: Always This Late by Odesza After the intensity of last night's events and the results of today, I was so consumed with the energy surrounding the potential president that not only had I missed my assigned post date,…

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I just finished a pretty solid cardio program for PHED 206. This was my second attempt since my first one was way too intense. Luckily, our professor had us try it for a day to see if it was something…

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What’s On Your Mind

Sometimes, an idea can be thoroughly expressed in a simple Facebook status. This week has been "interesting enough" for me to share 20 things that were/are on my mind. 1.) I just bought a lip gloss I'm allergic to! (feeling…

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