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Death Of A Vlogger

Okay, I didn't actually die, but maybe from all this tension and anxiety, I will. I'm kidding, but sometimes, my life is super stressful. But like I said, you gotta do what you gotta do. Sorry for the late upload,…

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Meeting D. Watkins

Yesterday, I had the IMMENSE pleasure of seeing and meeting author and professor D. Watkins while he spoke at the Takoma Park campus' Cultural Arts Center. It was equally an entertaining and moving experience and I'm glad to have taken…

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Patty Uncut

What do you do when you've got to vlog for your job but you've got no laptop to edit on or upload it through? You do it through your phone and you better hope you're good at improvising (I'm not;…

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Need a Splash of Colour in Your Life?

Sorry for the late upload this week! Stressed out? Me too. But I'm still here and so are you. We all need outlets in life, and maybe something in this list of events can help you: Look around campus…

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The Show Must Go On

So sorry for the late upload, everyone! I've been incredibly busy and overworked, and if you watch the video, you'll also see why I was late with this week's vlog. The first weekend of Natural Causes was a success! This…

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Spoopy Stressful Rehearsals

Did you wear a costume on Halloween? I did but probably for completely different reasons! Watch my vlog to find out why! Natural Causes Information: Cultural Arts Center, Theatre 2 Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus 7995 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring MD…

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