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Welcome to the Smithsonian Faculty Fellowship Program
@ Montgomery College

Smithsonian Faculty Fellowships represent a rewarding academic professional development opportunity for Montgomery College faculty. The Fellowships are the product of a unique collaboration between Montgomery College and the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital access—the first of its kind between the Smithsonian Institution and a community college.

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Latest News

Looking Back and Forward: How Deep Time Informs our Present and our Future

Our next seminar brought us to the Deep Time exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) which looks…

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2021 Opening Panel

One of the highlights of the Fellowship is the Opening Panel which kicks of our museum seminar series each year.…

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February is Showcase Time!

Every February, our outgoing Smithsonian Faculty Fellows share their work with the Montgomery College community. In spite of a global…

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Climate Change in Deep Time

By Teresa Peachey, Adjunct Professor of Meteorology     Since I teach introductory meteorology, climate change is already part of…

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From Lemons to Lessons: Innovating Education Delivery in the Midst of a Global Pandemic.

By Brandon Wallace, Professor, Education In 2019, I traveled to Ghana for the Year of Return—a charge and call for people…

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Developing a group project – New tech, old problems

by Alejandra Morales Picard, Professor, Psychology   As I designed the assignments that would be the focus of my fellowship…

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Header picture: 1.8 Renwick by Janet Echelman, Wonder, Renwick Gallery, photo by Warren Dewhurst. All other photos on site taken by Denise Dewhurst unless otherwise noted.

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