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The Road to Accessibility

This blog is devoted to providing all members of the Montgomery College community easy access to information regarding the physical and programmatic accessibility of all MC campuses and programs.

Montgomery College is committed to providing equal access and opportunities to persons with disabilities, including education employment, programs, services, and activities. Accessibility@MC provides information to guide students, employees, and visitors towards support services, information, and resources. As employees of Montgomery College, we all play a role in removing barriers to education.

Please feel free to contact with any questions or suggestions to better support the Montgomery College community.

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play button crossed out

Disable Autoplay Multimedia

Have you ever visited a website that plays a video as soon as you go to the page? In some…

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Is it accessible

Accessibility Evaluation Tools

Accessibility evaluation tools are software programs or online services that help to answer the question if created content meets accessibility…

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computer window with an attached alt tag

Writing Alt Text

What is Alt text? Alt text is a text alternative that is given to images, graphs, charts, and tables. What…

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overlapping click here, learn more, read more

Descriptive Links – Quick Tip

A descriptive link is link text that describes where the user is going or a document that will be opened. …

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empty headings

Empty Headings

We all have just hit "enter" a few times on the keyboard to add more space in a document or…

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color contrast

Color Contrast – Test Accessibility

Color is an important element in design and communication, but also important for both color-blind and low-vision users. Insufficient color…

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road to accessibility

The Road to Accessibility

Accessibility is not a destination but a journey that crosses many borders into many areas of our institution. From applying…

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