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Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for your interest in the Leggett Building construction project at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus. We will strive to keep our neighbors informed about significant construction events with this weekly email notification.

Upcoming events are listed below:

  • Demolition
    Falcon Hall debris removal and foundation wall demolition will continue next week. Demolition of the three-story portion of Science South is underway and continues to progress on schedule.
  • Site Utilities
    Storm drain installation is underway adjacent to the Commons Building on Takoma Avenue. Specific activities may include layout, saw cutting, pavement removal, and earthwork. Excavation for the new incoming domestic water line from Takoma Avenue is complete and restoration of Takoma Avenue asphalt, landscaping, and the curb and gutter is in process. Traffic on Takoma Avenue will continue to be controlled until this work is complete.
  • Earthwork
    Signage has been ordered to notify the community that the east side of Fenton Street sidewalk is closed and that construction vehicles will be entering and exiting the site. This signage will be installed as soon as it arrives, within the next two weeks. Re-installation of the previously transplanted pin oak adjacent to Takoma Avenue took place on March 29 as scheduled.
  • Site Power/Lighting
    Power feeds to temporary site lighting will be installed next week. This will be the last activity to complete the temporary site power and lighting for the duration of the project.

Please visit the project’s website at for additional information. You may contact us with questions at or call the project hotline at 800-879-9879.

Thank you,

The Montgomery College Team

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