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Participatory Governance System

In a January 20, 2011, memo to the college community, Dr. Pollard announces her intent to revisit the College’s system of governance in order to bring it into compliance with the Board Governance Policy (11004). To facilitate the creation of a governance system in which students, staff, faculty, and administrators engage in collaborative and respectful dialog, Dr. Pollard calls for an internal Blue Ribbon Task Force on Governance, comprised of representation from all constituencies. The Blue Ribbon Task Force issues its initial report on April 29, 2011, and its final report in August 2011. Both the College’s governance policy and the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Governance final report puts in motion plans at the College to create a participatory governance system.

The system created is based on the participatory model and composed of four broad council areas: a college council, four councils representing constituent groups, four councils representing functional areas, and four councils representing campuses.

The Montgomery College participatory governance system provides all members of the college community with the opportunity to express their opinions and make recommendations about how the institution should function. It also provides structures through which these opinions and recommendations will be given due consideration when important decisions are made.

Over the course of the 2011-2012 academic year, a task force worked to create the infrastructure of the governance system including the constitution, bylaws, handbook, website, nomination and election system, and assessment tools.

The first elections were held during the spring 2012 semester with 159 students, faculty, staff, and administrators beginning their service in the participatory governance system during the fall 2012 semester.

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