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On November 22, Tammy Molina and Kiyan Borden of the Southern Management Leadership Program, along with a member of Montgomery College’s student senate, had the chance to accompany Maryland Senator Craig Zucker on a tour of the newly improved Student Affairs and Science (SA) building on the Germantown campus of Montgomery College, along with campus provost Margaret Latimer and Gretchen Rimkus of Montgomery College led the tour.

Tammy reported, “The tour of the SA building took me by great surprise! There were countless improvements and innovations and various lounges and study areas added in the building, as well as new classrooms, many of them set up with brand new labs. Some of the classrooms also had new technology, for example, a portable digital board for professors to use while teaching (as opposed to a traditional white board or chalk board). Additionally, space is dedicated to offices solely for professors and students who need to meet. The building has also been designed so that it is better connected to the Bioscience Education Center building. And this only scratches the surface on the many improvements shown though the tour.”

Through the tour, the students learned about the importance of voicing their opinion to the state government. By being able to see the new improvements added to the SA building before it is officially finished and revealed to the public, as well as hearing the intent and explanation of each improvement by Ms. Rimkus, Tammy “felt a great sense of excitement to use MC facilities to study harder (especially at the SA building’s new MAPEL Center)! I made sure to tell this to Senator Zucker, so he knows how his help and funding is directly affecting MC students. This excitement has led me to want to express my opinion more often to the government so that not only my needs and wants can be fulfilled though the help of the government, but also the community’s needs and wants can be fulfilled as well.” Kiyan concurred, adding, “I learned how quickly it took to make connections with older and important individuals.”

Both Tammy and Kiyan found great value in the experience. Tammy explained, “As I have now had the pleasure to meet and connect with Senator Zucker and have been inspired to speak and meet with government representatives, I will continue to voice my opinion on issues related to Montgomery County.” Kiyan shared his perspective as well: “What I learned from this was how much actually goes on behind closed doors. This was the first time I ever saw the inside of the new facility. And it was amazing to see how much money actually went into the development of it.  Doing these engagements is definitely a great way to make connections.”


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