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by Alexis Kyei-Asare

The week of October 28 I had the pleasure of attending the American Association for Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC) Conference in San Antonio, TX. This is very exciting for my group because this was the first year that students were invited to participate!  Throughout the three conference days, we had amazing women with careers in community colleges inspire us with their wisdom and passion. We also had time to explore the beautiful city and walk on the Riverwalk.

Some key takeaways from the amazing speakers were to never get comfortable and to take opportunities and ask questions later. When a person becomes comfortable in things they do such as their career and skills, they stunt their own growth. One priority for me throughout my life is to never become stagnant. Next, one interesting fact is that most of the women never knew they would be in the place they are today. It is extremely important to take opportunities that may be different from what you think you want. If you never try, you will never know how that opportunity would affect your future. Just the opportunity to attend the conference has been amazing for me. I will never forget the words of wisdom these amazing women have given me, and one day I hope to inspire others as they have inspired me.


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