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by Jenifer Ramirez

On Friday October 18th, the Rockville Chamber of Commerce hosted an event in the Theater ARts Building of Montgomery College Rockville, focused on business-women leadership in the community, “Leadercast Women 2019.’’

This event had speakers from the DMV area and telecast from all over the United States. One of the telecast speakers was Kate Delanay. an Emmy award-winning journalist who has interviewed more than 15,000 people, including top CEOs, U.S. presidents, and famous athletes. One takeaway from her speech is that women leaders need to step out. We already have earned our place where we are and endless chores is not even close to the main goal of our lives. Delanay said, “let people do what they do best. They are not not hovering and micromanaging you, and they’re celebrating with you.”

This event made me realize that my success might look different from a man’s success. While in men’s cases, success might involve only one part of their lives, in my case I want a pathway that includes all aspects of my life. In addition, the sisterhood businesswomen have nowadays is incredibly amazing and can be an important tool for entrepreneurs like us!


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