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by Bob Okoroajuzie
On Monday April 9th I attended the Good Deeds Day with Soaring Words at the Rockville Campus. Soaring words is a nonprofit organization that started when death and illness occurred in Lisa Buksbaum family, founder of soaring words. Her brother died of an asthma-induced heart attack, her dad had his second bout of lymphoma, and her son, Jonathan, was ill with rheumatic fever. But one day the word, “soaring words” popped in her head. Now it’s an organization that inspires millions of ill children and families, helping them take active roles in their healing.
This was the 4th annual Good Deeds Day at Montgomery College. This year, MCPS, USG and the ACES program all joined to participate. We created Soaring words quilts for children with chronic and serious illnesses. The director of student life, Ms. Nik Sushka explain Soaring words’ mission; to inspire ill children and their families to take active roles in self-healing. With this in mind my group was able to create an amazing quilt and encouraging superheroes. When kids are ill at home or in the hospital, they have to hang out in bed for a long time. We can help transform a child’s bed by adding a cozy, colorful quilt and pillow decorated with special messages and artwork. We started off by introducing ourselves, and then came up with a theme for our quilt. Our theme was “Happiness”; with no art background we were able to make an amazing quilt full of love. This was a wonderful experience.

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