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by Marcos Solloso
Thanks to Cristin Caine of Charity Connect, which helps individuals interested in volunteering, a connection I made at a Chamber of Commerce Ball, sponsored by the Student Business Association at MC, I was able to put my networking skills to the test. The result was a visit on March 8, 2018, from Managing Director Marvin McIntyre from Morgan Stanley to speak to MC students about his 13 elements of success and the importance of managing your assets wisely.
Marvin McIntyre was a down to earth man with more than 50 years of experiences in financing and private wealth management. He listed his 13 points in ABC order all the way up to M. Here they are with a brief description on what I learned from each one:

  • Attitude- one factor we can control that changes the results or outcomes of any task
  • Belief- whether it be to yourself, others or whatever task you partake in a strong belief will take one far.
  • Chalk- is to be within the boundary of you are doing and sticking the course
  • Determination- not giving up in your endeavors
  • Enthusiasm- be excited in what you are doing this will motivate those around you to do better themselves
  • Focus- not losing concentration of the task at hand and to finish
  • Gratitude- many of the things or opportunities that each individual has is unique, and one should recognize and appreciate what they have and more every day.
  • Humility- to be humble and having the right point of view in life
  • Integrity-this one is a must; every person should have integrity in the work that they do!
  • Joy-if you choose any emotion, always choose joy as it translates to all areas of life
  • Kindness- it is important to be kind to yourself others and strangers in life you never know when you’ll need kindness in your life.
  • Listen-it is important to really listen to What people have to say, not just think of the response while one talks.
  • Mentor-this one is important because no one can be successful without having mentors in life-to help guide and motivate someone with less experience.

McIntyre ended his presentation with questions from the students. He talked about how we should all be saving at least 10% of our income and investing it for the long term in a diverse portfolio. He recommended investing with private equity vs hedge fund. This created a discussion between multiple students and McIntyre.
I learned the important characteristics to implement into my lifestyle and tips from an experience investor like budgeting my money efficiently, investing in diverse portfolio, looking into his books and taking advantage of time in the long run. I am glad that with the help of Charity Connect was able to have an important figure come in to interact with MC students sharing his wisdom.

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  1. What is the meaning of a great leader? Is it one who is able to think out -of -the box, or who is able to have disruptive thinking? Marcos Solloso, a member of the Hillman Entrepreneur Program, organized a meeting with the Managing Director, and Private Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management as the Washington Post calls “Marvin McIntyre, Washington’s invisible ‘broker king,’” his advice to Hillman students as to how to be a successful leader:1. Attitude- optimism, and enthusiasm are ways to control the unpredictable;
    2. Believe in your dreams;
    3. The focus is a goal, straight and narrow path;
    4. Gratitude – Appreciate everything that you have, besides you, is someone worse off than you are;
    5. Humility – arrogance makes it hard to relate to anybody;
    6. Integrity- reliability is a very sensitive topic, thus, one mistake can destroy everything that you have built;
    7. Joy – enjoy life, there is happiness in everything;
    8. Kindness – be able to do something that will not benefit you;
    9. Listen – hear what people have to say, without talking back, it is better to understand;
    10. Mentor- always someone there to inspire, share your knowledge, be grateful to someone who shared with you;
    The 2017-2018 school year in my life will be called Hillman’s era.
    Thank you, David Hillman, who create one of the greatest programs for young entrepreneurs. The Hillman Entrepreneur program is able to put together the most talented individuals who have bright successful futures ahead of them.
    This was a great event that I was lucky to be able to attend.

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