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By Dimitri Mitrothanasis
Early in the morning on December 5, I attended the Maryland Women’s Business Center’s session entitled “When and How To Use Legal Services Effectively.” The speaker, Jessica Chod, Counsel at Potomac Law Group, PLLC, is an attorney who deals with corporate law. Chod introduced us to the basics of business law and the importance of attorneys.  She told us how to contact a lawyer and when contacting a lawyer is totally necessary and the safer bet. She also explained that it is vital to understand all of the terms of any agreement you make with a lawyer. She stressed the importance of studying contracts before signing them as well as the fact that contracts can be written or oral and still be enforceable.  She briefed us on the efficiency of using lawyers’ time, the fee arrangements for lawyers, the different types of lawyers and how to properly read an engagement letter.
I learned so much just from listening to Chod. She truly did care if we absorbed the knowledge effectively. She asked us to give our input throughout the speech to keep us engaged and accepted criticism as a form of a compliment. 
Before this engagement opportunity, I would have never known how important law truly is to business if I hadn’t already taken a business law course at Montgomery College. Chod helped expand my knowledge on the law portion of business and made me feel more comfortable with my legal decision making skills through her teachings. Hopefully one day sooner than later I can exercise what I have learned by putting it to the test in my own business venture or firm! I am picky with my community engagement and this one was very informative and a great opportunity to learn more! 

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