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By Michelle Salah
For my first community engagement event I went to a wellness fair at Fusion Academy. It was from 6:00pm to 8:30pm on September 21st and sponsored by Fusion Academy. I honestly had no idea what to expect because the description was pretty general on the flyer and I had never heard of Fusion Academy before. As I walked in I was greeted and given a Fusion bag to collect items/information as I walked around. I started out by asking a few general questions about the academy. After talking to a couple people, some of whom taught at the school I began to understand what Fusion does. They are a school for middle and high-schoolers that provides students that need more attention or help with one-one teaching. Not only do they receive a different teacher for each subject but they also personalize the curriculum to tailor each child’s needs. It is an interesting concept that they seem to accomplish well. They also place a huge emphasis on music and the arts, on almost every wall there were pictures of students’ art being displayed in some manner. After talking to the main teachers I then entered the yoga room where I met 2 students who were in 8th grade at Fusion. They told me that they loved the school so much, and it was evident that they had a close relationship with the yoga teacher, who they spoke very highly of. They told me that each week they have different theme and currently it is women empowerment, which I found to be extremely beneficial for young girls. The school is very well put together value/moral wise as well as aesthetically; I would even consider sending my children there if needed.
After I finished talking with the students I started to walk around and visit the various health/wellness related tables. Each table was a different company aiming to educate the public about their products and explain how they could be useful for someone’s physical or mental health. Their were a few mental health tables that caught my interest, but I spent a good amount of time at a particular one, a company called Sequence. They are a company that offers counseling and consulting services. I learned that they offer both therapy and career services which is why I was so interested. This company has one on one services as well as workshops on various topics such as career transition, workplace communications, interview techniques, networking strategies, and job market reviews. I found these topics to be intriguing and I may decide to attend a class or two. I am also interested in looking for an internship with Sequence in the future.
I am ultimately very happy I attended this event because I had great conversations and enjoyed learning how such a unique school can be so beneficial for certain students. As a psychology major it was extremely interesting to learn about local companies that provide services to people either mentally or physically. It was beneficial for me to see how these companies treated the subject of mental health while advertising their products or services. I am also extremely grateful to have gained information about the company Sequence, which I hope to contact sometime in the near future.

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