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On Saturday, September 19, 48 Hillman Entrepreneurs from Montgomery College, Prince George’s Community College, and the University of Maryland convened on the annual Bluebirds Blues Festival in Largo, Maryland. The annual music festival attracts 12,000 people. Students volunteered their time and energy to making this a delightful, fun-packed day for the community. In addition to manning the reception table, handing out pamphlets, and helping children complete arts and crafts, students had the opportunity to go behind the scenes to help set up for the musical performances and to maintain a safe boundary around the equipment used by the performers. They also networked with other sponsors, including our very own David Hillman’s employees from Southern Management, promoting both their schools and their program with characteristic positive attitudes and professionalism.
This is the 23rd year for the Bluebirds Blues Festival. People come to relax, enjoy a picnic lunch, talk with local vendors, and enjoy the music of national blues acts. This year, the headliner was a blues group called the Jewells, and they were followed by Jesi Terrell, Daryl Davis, The Spaniels, Full Power Blues, and many more. The festival is free and open to the public. The Hillman students encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the day with them next year.

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