Parilla Performing Arts Center plays host to more than 100 theatre rental events each year.  Maryland Youth Ballet and Metropolitan Ballet Theatre present their productions of the Nutcracker as well as their Spring performances; classical Indian dance organizations present world-renowned artists and their students; and Chinese Opera companies, Russian theatre companies, Greek dance companies, and many more, call the Performing Arts Center their home for performance. If you are interested in renting our theatre for your event or have specific questions regarding rentals, please contact the theatre’s booking office at 240.567.7537 or View the theatre technical specifications webpage for detailed technical information. We look forward to working with you, and thank you for your interest in renting the Parilla Performing Arts Center at Montgomery College.

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Theatre Use (Minimum 5 consecutive hours)


  • Two Theatre Technicians

  • Six (6) Clear Com Intercom belt packs and headsets

  • Up to nine (9) changes to house light hang as follows: 4 gobos (does not include usage of house gobos), stage L & R podium lights, & 3 front of apron changes

  • Use of house 5 legs and 5 boarders, white cyclorama backdrop

  • Use of house sound system*: 1 microphone on stand w/50’ of cable on stage**; 2 full-range side-fill monitors for audio playback only (not for live or voice; location of monitors cannot change); use of 2 compact disc players; 1 DAT tape and/or 1 mini-disc playback player.

* no wireless microphones are available with use.
** purchase of a sound package below will omit the microphone
included with base use.
$1300.00Five Hour Block:

Monday through Friday: Any 5-consecutive-hour time block of your choice, based on availability.

Saturday or Sunday Matinee: Load-out before 4pm.

Saturday or Sunday Evening: Load-in after 6pm.
Additional Theatre Use Hours$260.00Per Hour
Additional Technician (Minimum 5 consecutive hrs.)$52.00Per Hour

(Need for additional technician TBD by Performing Arts Center technician).
House Manager: (Minimum 4 consecutive hrs.)$52.00Per Hour

(Mandatory on days of performance and/or any other time that the general public may be present in the center, e.g. public dress rehearsal)
Box Office Services (Flat Fee Per Performance)$855.00Includes:

Ticket sales beginning 50 business days prior to event, software programming for processing & printing of all ticket orders, online ticket sales management and processing, and 4 hours of Box Office services on day of performance.
Additional Box Office Staff (Minimum 4 consecutive hrs.)$52.00Per Hour
Ticket Printing$130.00509 Tickets for one Performance

(Reserved or General Admission Seating)
Reception/Concession Fee$260.00Flat Rate charged at the end of each consecutive run of performances.
Marley-type Dance Floor$240.00Each time placed or removed from stage.
Full Dance Light Package$340.00Flat rate per contract. Includes:

8 booms, each 10’ tall w/ three (3) 6X9 leko lights at 2’, 4’ and 6’ heights. Non-changeable on heights or positions.
Half Dance Light Package$170.00Flat rate per contract. Includes:

4 booms, each 10’tall w/ three (3) 6X9 leko lights at 2’, 4’ and 6’ heights. Non-changeable on heights or positions.
Quarter Dance Light Package$85.00Flat rate per contract. Includes:

2 booms, each 10’tall w/ three (3) 6X9 leko lights at 2’, 4’ and 6’ heights. Non-changeable on heights or positions.
Concert Grand Piano, includes tuning to A440—no exceptions$410.00Flat rate per contract.
Upright Piano, includes tuning to A440—no exceptions$270.00Flat rate per use contract.
Custodial Fee$180.00Flat rate per performance.
2nd Podium with microphone on stage$60.00Flat rate per performance.
Foot/Floor lights (up to 4 lights)$160.00Flat rate per use contract.
Follow Spotlights$125.00Per spotlight, per use contract; two available; operators not included in price.
Gobos (Up to 4 in-stock house gobos)$65.00Flat rate per use contract.
Use of 20K Lumen Ceiling-Mounted Video Projector

Front projection fixed video projector

(fixed position - not movable) for images projected “as-is” onto white cyc w/ a user-friendly HDMI connection on stage or in booth for your laptop (we do not provide laptop support, cables, adaptors, or software support.); also includes, if needed, use of house dvd system.

Please note: This is NOT an “IMAG” SYSTEM – we do not tie into live cameras for live projection.
$460.00Flat rate per use contract.
Stage Amplification Package. Includes:

Up to 4 shotgun microphones
$200.00Flat rate per use contract.

Suitable for plays, choirs, and recitals. Provides general area amplification through house sound.
ClearCom intercom$60.00Flat rate per use contract.
Live Music 8-Channel Package. Includes:

  • House sound package

  • Up to 8 microphones/stands/cables, or 6 microphones and 2 DI boxes

  • EQ

  • 2 reverbs

Does not include individual band monitors
$400.00Flat rate per use contract.
Choral Music Package. Includes:

  • Up to 3 shotgun microphones

  • Up to 2 solo high-quality condenser microphones
Does not include no stage monitors
$265.00Flat rate per use contract.
Ballet Barres. Includes:
Use of up to 3 in-house ballet barres.
$265.00Flat rate per use contract.
Choral Risers$330.00Flat rate per use contract.
Stage Risers. Includes:

Use of up to 6 in-house stage risers.

Available risers are 4’ x 8’, and come in 8”, 16” and 24” heights.
2 risers in each height are available.
$120.00Flat rate per use contract.