Program Subject to Change

Friday, March 11, 2022, 8 p.m.


arcos Ayala, artistic director and choreographer, has created an extraordinary and thrilling program for Tango Argentina’s inaugural tour of the United States. With his company, he has created an experience that will leave audiences astonished beyond their expectations. He also expresses choreographic traditions and contemporary stories without neglecting the style of dance that he best interprets, “tango.” Marcos Ayala with his partner, Paola Camacho, created a perfect dance couple, with synchronous movements of great interpretive technique. Their virtuosity, as well as the participation of other dance couples comprising Tango Argentina, will leave audiences amazed. Marcos Ayala has designed a musical show so audiences can imagine how the tango has evolved throughout its history and origins in Buenos Aires. Through his musical style, how to dance and behave, the spirit of Tango, sensuality and charisma has survived to this present time. Tango Argentina is comprised of 12 of Argentina’s greatest tango dancers and musicians. Since 2016, Tango Argentina has toured extensively throughout China, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Central and South America.

Tickets are $45


Marcos Ayala: Bio


Marcos Ayala was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From an early age he started practicing folkloric dances standing out among their peers. He completed his studies as dancer and became National Teacher of Danzas Argentinas at the National School of Dance. He also learned techniques of classical dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Tango and Partenaire.

In 2006 at the age 19, he won the “First Award” in the “World Championship of Tango” in Japan.

He was invited by the most important tango companies to join their casts as guest “First Soloist Dancer.” He has toured extensively both nationally and internationally.

In 2010, he created his own Tango Company and began performing throughout the country, and then traveling around the world showcasing his creative and choreographic proposals incorporating and merging new techniques to tango scene, taking it to another level.

In 2014, he participated in the popular TV program of Marcelo Tinelli, Showmatch, which gave him great popularity nationwide.

In 2015, after completing an extensive US tour the Association of Entertainment Critics of New York presented him with one “LATIN ACE Awards” for his Trajectory and another for his show. In 2016, he toured extensively in Latvia, Estonia, Moladavia, Belorussia and in many cities of Russia with his show Tango Buenos Aires, obtaining a resounding success. Ends the year with a tour of China where 19 shows performed in different cities and also in Sofia (Bulgaria) and Tel Aviv (Israel) in the 2017 where all the shows were sold out. At the end of 2017, venturing into the language of “play”, a new creation takes shape and creates Tango in the Shadows with which it again toured for many countries. In 2018, premiered his work in Buenos Aires, which was applauded by critics and the general public. Then from there many more presentations in different foreign scenarios.

In 2019, facing a new choreographic challenge maintaining the same style of work within the argument dance, he premiered the musical Astor Tango in Israel on August 19 and from there 4 months of shows between, Europe of the East, Baltic countries, Finland, Sweden and Russia.

By 2021, the company will hold many shows across different countries as tours that were canceled during 2020 due to the pandemic have been rescheduled. For 2022, a new show will be staged, “Tango Argentina” to present around the world. Marcos Ayala, in this way, gets the definitive international recognition for his art and is considered one of the best tango dancers and choreographer today, representing the current Tango of the XXI century!