When is the Box Office open?2017-07-21T04:36:04-04:00

Box Office hours are Monday through Friday, 10 am to 2 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm. On performance dates, the Box Office opens two hours prior to Center-sponsored events and remains open through intermission.

What is the mailing address of the Center and phone number of the Box Office?2017-07-21T04:36:26-04:00

Robert E. Parilla Performing Arts Center
Montgomery College
51 Mannakee Street
Rockville, MD 20850-1195

The Box Office phone number is 240-567-5301.

The signs say “permit only,” so where can I park?2019-08-27T16:56:44-04:00

Free parking is available for both cars and buses on the Montgomery College campus and/or overflow lots. Handicapped parking and the access ramp are located on the north side, when facing the center. Please refer to the campus map for available parking lot sites.

What is the “house”?2017-10-29T16:01:30-04:00

The house is the seating area where audience members are seated during performances.

What is “Will Call”?2017-07-21T04:38:08-04:00

“Will Call” is when you pick up your tickets at the door when you come for the performance, rather than have them mailed or you print them at home. Simply go to the Will Call window and provide the Box Office agent the purchaser’s last name and the photo ID to pick up your tickets.

How can I purchase tickets?2021-04-02T23:06:23-04:00

Tickets may be purchased by phone, mail, in person at the Box Office, or online.

What payment options are available?2017-07-21T04:39:14-04:00

If purchasing tickets via telephone or our website, you may use VISA, MasterCard or Discover. In person, you may also use cash or check as well as the cards.

Are there any service fees if I purchase tickets over the phone?2017-10-29T16:06:10-04:00

Yes. Box Office fees are as follows:

Guest Artist Series

Guest Artist Performances – $2.75 per ticket and a processing fee of $1.25 per order – applies to all sales made online, over the phone and in person.

Saturday Morning Children’s Series

Saturday Morning Children’s Series Performances – $1.00 per ticket and a processing fee of $1.25 per order – applies to all sales made online, over the phone and in person.

College Performing Arts Series

College Performing Arts Series Performances – $1.00 per ticket and a processing fee of $1.25 per order – applies to all sales made online, over the phone and in person.

Packages (Subscriptions, Mini-Subscriptions and Passbooks)

Service Fees for all Subscription packages (Guest Artist Series, Saturday Morning Children’s Series, and College Performing Arts Series) – $2.75 per package and a processing fee of $1.25 per order – applies to all sales made online, over the phone and in person.

Receiving Your Tickets

  • Pickup Prior to Day of Show: Free
  • Print Tickets at Home: $.75 per order
  • Will Call Tickets and Day-of Ticket Purchases: $1.00 per order
  • Mailing Tickets via USPS: $1.50 per order
Can I buy tickets online?2021-04-02T23:07:44-04:00

Yes, tickets are available online.

Can I reserve tickets?2017-07-21T04:39:47-04:00

Tickets may not be reserved. Tickets may be purchased in advance by phone, mail, in person at the Box Office, or online with VISA, MasterCard or Discover, to be mailed, held at Will Call, or printed at home. The Box Office is unable to hold seats or tickets without payment.

Are standing room only tickets available?2017-07-21T04:39:58-04:00

Sometimes standing room is available for some of our performances. The seating capacity of the theatre ranges from 509 to 525 persons. Ticket price varies depending on the performance.

What is general admission seating?2017-07-21T04:40:19-04:00

General admission seating means seating is on a first come-first served basis and is not reserved. Tickets are still required for general admission seating performances and these performances are limited to a maximum of 509 persons.

Are there discounted tickets?2017-07-21T04:40:32-04:00

Tickets are $5 less for seniors (ages 65 and over). Tickets are half off the regular price for students (high school and college, with a valid student ID) and children for all Center-sponsored performances.

Are group discounts available?2017-10-29T15:59:34-04:00

Yes, group discounts are available. Groups of 15 or more receive a 10% discount and groups of 25 or more receive a 15% discount. Call the Box Office for more information.

Can I get both a group discount and a subscription discount?2017-10-29T16:02:24-04:00

No, group discounts cannot be applied to subscriptions or any other discount.

My baby is going to sit on my lap, do I still need a ticket for him?2017-10-29T16:02:39-04:00

Yes. Everyone, regardless of age, needs to have a ticket to be admitted to the performance.

What time should I arrive at the theatre?2017-10-29T16:02:57-04:00

It is advisable to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to curtain. This will allow ample time to pick up your tickets, have a drink, relax, and find your seat. Generally, seating begins about 30 minutes prior to curtain time.

What time do the doors open?2017-10-29T16:03:06-04:00

Generally, the doors to the lobby open approximately an hour prior to curtain and seating begins a half hour prior to curtain.

What if I lose my tickets?2019-09-12T14:50:28-04:00

Season subscribers to the College Performing Arts Series have lost ticket insurance. If you are a subscriber and lose or misplace your tickets, simply call the Box Office and the tickets will be reprinted and held at the Will Call window. They may be picked up beginning two hours prior to the performance.

What if I am late?2017-10-29T16:03:20-04:00

Latecomers will be seated only at appropriate intervals in the program as determined by the performing artists and the management. If your tickets are being held at Will Call you will still be able to pick them up.

Can I get a refund if I cannot make a performance?2019-09-12T17:28:43-04:00

Tickets are non-refundable, but you may contact the Box Office to release them if you choose. When performances are sold-out this is a nice option and will mean that other patrons can get to see the show.

Can I exchange my tickets for another performance?2019-09-12T17:26:33-04:00

Only subscribers to the College Performing Arts Series may exchange tickets for another date and time for the same performance.

If I am a College Performing Arts Series subscriber and wish to exchange my tickets, what do I do with the tickets that I already have?2019-09-12T17:27:38-04:00

You must mail or bring the original tickets to the Box Office within 24 hours of the performance to exchange them for the new tickets. Exchanges will not be made after this time. Additionally, once a performance has passed, exchanges will not be made on that performance.

What kind of seating does the theatre have?2017-10-29T16:09:32-04:00

The Center has a proscenium theatre with Continental seating, which means that there is no center aisle, but the rows are further apart to allow for extra legroom. It has one orchestra section with two side aisles. It is a small, intimate theatre, which seats 509-525 persons; it is 17 rows deep with approximately 30 seats in each row. There are no “bad” seats; visibility is quite good from every seat in the house. Please see our Seating Chart.

Is the theatre handicap accessible?2017-10-29T16:09:40-04:00

Yes, the Robert E. Parilla Performing Arts Center features wheelchair accessible parking, entrances, restrooms, and seating.

Theatergoers may enjoy our free infrared system for the hearing impaired from any seat during any performance. Receivers are available on a first come, first served basis at the Box Office. A valid form of ID (current driver’s license, college ID, etc.) must be left with the Box Office to obtain the headsets. The ID will be returned to you when the headsets are returned to the Box Office.

The Center is committed to making the arts accessible to all. Under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, this information is available in alternative formats. To request an alternative format and/or other disability related accommodations, please contact the Robert E. Parilla Performing Arts Center Box Office at 240-567-5301; Maryland Relay is available at 1-800-552-7724. Please provide the Center with sufficient advanced notice to arrange accommodations. Patrons with special seating needs should inform the Box Office at the time of ticket purchase.

How can I make a donation to the Center?2019-09-12T14:46:57-04:00

Donations may be made to the Friends of the Robert E. Parilla Performing Arts Center. Donors of $100 or more are entitled to two complimentary College Performing Arts Series subscriptions or PASSBOOKS. For more information, please call our Box Office at 240-567-5301.

What is the recommended age for bringing children to the theatre?2017-10-29T16:10:22-04:00

It depends on the child and on the show. Our Saturday Morning Children’s Series is generally enjoyed by children of all ages, though oftentimes toddlers find it difficult to sit for the entire performance. Everyone coming to the theatre, regardless of age, must have a ticket.

What is a PASSBOOK?2017-10-29T16:10:31-04:00

PASSBOOK is a coupon redeemable for 5 tickets to performances in the College Performing Arts Series only. The PASSBOOK may be used for five tickets to one show, or one ticket to five different shows, or any combination in between! PASSBOOKS are not tickets; they are redeemable for tickets. Seats are not guaranteed until the PASSBOOK holder calls the Box Office to order tickets. PASSBOOKS are redeemable only for performances scheduled Thursday through Sunday in the College Performing Arts Series.

What is the difference between a PASSBOOK and a subscription?2017-10-29T16:10:39-04:00

A subscription for the College Performing Series is one ticket for each of the five performances in the season on the same day for each show. For example, someone can subscribe to Saturday evening performances for the College Performing Arts Series. The PASSBOOK allows patrons to attend shows without committing to specific dates in advance and still receive significant subscriber savings. Both the subscription and the PASSBOOK save 25% off of the regular single ticket prices.

Can I use a PASSBOOK for performances in another series?2017-10-29T16:10:45-04:00

No, PASSBOOKS are only valid for performances in the College Performing Arts Series for the current season.

What are the benefits of becoming a subscriber to the College Performing Arts Series?2019-09-12T14:49:13-04:00

Benefits include priority seating, ticket exchanges, and lost ticket insurance. Subscription orders are filled before single ticket orders. Subscriber/Passbook holders may exchange tickets/change reservations for a different date and time for the same event, or for a new seat location at the same performance. All exchanges are based on ticket availability. Please note: All Subscriber/Passbook ticket exchanges must be made no less than 24 hours prior to the performance date of the tickets to be exchanged. Contact the Box Office immediately if tickets are lost or stolen tickets.

Is the Center accessible by Metro?2017-10-29T16:11:47-04:00

Yes, the Center is located between the Rockville and Shady Grove Metrorail stations on the Red Line and is accessible by Metrobuses Q-2 or Q-6 and Ride-On Buses 46 or 55. Call 202-637-7000 for information on Metro; for Ride-On, call 240-777-0311.

Are gift certificates available?2017-10-29T16:12:34-04:00

Yes, gift certificates may be purchased in any amount of you choose. If you know of a particular show that the person may be interested in, it might be best to use the ticket price for that particular show as the amount of your gift certificate. Gift certificates are valid through the end of the current season and are not redeemable for cash.

Can I eat inside the theatre?2017-10-29T16:12:44-04:00

No, food and beverages are not permitted inside the house.

Can I videotape or take photographs during performances?2017-10-29T16:12:54-04:00

No, videotaping and photography are strictly prohibited for copyright reasons. Aside from being distracting and discourteous to fellow theatre-goers, flash photography can momentarily blind performers, causing injury or a disruption to the performance.

Is the theatre available for rental?2017-10-29T16:13:02-04:00

Yes, you may inquire about rental of the theatre by calling 240-567-7537 Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm. Please see our Rental page for complete information.

Is there a dress code?2017-10-29T16:13:10-04:00

No, there is not a dress code.

Are there opportunities to Usher?2017-10-29T16:13:21-04:00

Please call the Box Office to inquire about opportunities to usher an event. Requirements include a Dress code and arriving at least one hour prior to opening curtain to assist with various preparations and patron seating. Availability will vary by performance.

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