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Table of Contents:


Kathryn Davis / The Early Cow

K.L. Browne / Red Bluff

Megan E. Calhoun / The Workshop

Janice Deal / Antimatter

Tyler Sones / Glory Under Quarantine

Lori D’Angelo / What She Found There

Tim Keppel / Ozymandias



Anne Hunley Trisler / Fall

Michael Phillips / Becoming Water

Peter Grandbois / Poking Through the Void / The Inconsolable Wind

Louise White / Walk with My Friend / Horizon

Roy Bentley / Eve Comes Clean on the Subject of Tempting Adam

Michele Sharpe / Old Homestead

Hari Bhajan Khalsa / Love Letter to My Insecurity

Catherine Esther Cowie / A Name I Will Not Call My Daughter / When I Follow God’s Voice into the Desert

Al Nyhart / Russia Thing

Maryann Corbett / New Media

Katherine Fallon / Elevation

Rita Quillen / Texaco Opera

Tufik Shayeb / How to Reincarnate

Barbara Schwartz / Pantheism / Love Poem After 10 Years

Raymond Luczak / Abductions

Rachael Gay / Pantoum as Proof of the Gentle / 3 a.m. One-Sided Conversation with Mary

Alejandro Pérez / Sonnet for Sisyphus / Ars Poetic Sonnet #3

Connie Jordan Green / The Question of Where / Even Today

Lisa Low / Love Poem to Oswald / On Throwing Away My Daughter’s Christmas Card Photo

Sarah Wyman / Longfellow House / Washington’s Headquarters / July 7



Mia Herman / Wings

Orman Day / When We Were Swashbucklers

John Talbird / What Happens Next

Potomac Review Issue 66 - Spring 2020

Cover design by Ash Weaver

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