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Gone Grading

We've drifted into the busy port of Gradepapersland,  where we'll be whisked away to a tower of portfolios guarded by red-ink spewing dragons.  Or maybe we'll be spewing ink.  Regardless of who is doing the spewing, we know this much:…

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Dorothy and Family

When last we met, Dorothy was living the life as pet and occasional model for photographer Jody Shipka. A year later, we find Dorothy's life enriched by kittens Clarence and Evelyn. In the picture below, the kittens confer with her…

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Summer Plans, Part 2

    We can't keep Editor-in-Chief  Julie Wakeman-Linn at home this summer. First to Puerto Rico for some fun, then to Tinker Mountain writer's workshop and finally to Breadloaf in August. It's hard to say whether this photo is a…

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