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An Interview with Andrew Furman

Andrew Furman, whose story “Crawling” appears in issue 73, is a Florida writer. He’s lived in the state for thirty years, writes widely about its people and its environment, and is (among many other things) the author of the memoir…

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AN INTERVIEW WITH WILHELM SITZ by Caleb Berer. Wilhelm Sitz, whose story “Release” appears in the spring 2023 issue of Potomac Review, writes mostly at a white desk in his bedroom. The desk, as Wilhelm tells me, is “not extremely…

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Potomac Review Issue 71 - Fall 2022


AN INTERVIEW WITH KATHERINE VONDY By Caleb Berer Katherine Vondy, whose story “There’s a German Compound Word for Everything” appears in this issue of the magazine, is a writer, playwright, and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. I recall being struck…

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PR Issue 70 Cover

Tide Push, by Dan Reiter

She'd always been the small one, the distressed one, the one hailed in minor chords. Who could blame her when she became the one who fidgeted, the one who cried, the one who stood oblivious in the mirror after bedtime,…

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