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Or revise. Or revamp.  Or something.

And the truth is, the revising, revamping or somethinging will be spread out over the summer.  As you can see, there’s a new blogroll dedicated to our editors’ own webpages and blogs.  Soon, we’ll be adding links to other litmags as well as other writerly sites and more.

One thing that won’t change is featuring guest posts by you.  In fact, we hope that more of you will be sending us post ideas.  Next week, we’ll be featuring former PR editor Lisa Shamess and her husband, John Walter, talking about writing and making a living.  That’s all I’m going to tell you now.  

Apropos of today’s theme, I posted this invitation on Facebook:

Hello, friends, I’m inviting you to send me links to your E-Lit projects to the Potomac Review Blog to be featured in our monthly posting about E-lit. We’d want you to write a short (or long) piece about your work, to explain the programs/apps used and choices made. It’s true, we won’t pay you a cent (or more), but posting with us will guarantee that your work will be seen by our large online audience, and we will, of course, post a link to your work (or webpage, if you’d prefer) on our blog. I’ve contacted you because I am interested in(no, fascinated by)your work. Contact me if you are interested in sharing with us.

I’ll close by asking all of you to send me your ideas for posts, revisions, revamps and somethings to joanna dot howard at montgomery college dot edu.

And on we go.

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