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Here’s what you’ll miss if you stay home(and note that general merriment will be had by all):


8:30–9:00 Registration
9:00–9:15 Welcome
9:30–10:30 Panel Session 1
10:45–11:45 Panel Session 2
Noon–1:45 Speed Dating, Book Signings, Lunch
1:45–3:15 Keynote: Marissa de los Santos
3:30–4:30 Panel Session 3
4:45–6:00 Boxed Wine Happy Hour, Book signings, General merriment

PANEL SESSION 1: 9:30–10:30
Flash Evolution: The Flash Novella (Laura Ellen Scott, Tara Laskowski, Erin Fitzgerald)
Is a Low-Residency MFA Right for Me?
Get Off Your Ass and Write: Stop Making Excuses and Start Being Productive (Rosalia Scalia)
Faking It: Writing About a Culture That’s Not Your Own (Andria Cole, Susan Muaddi Darraj)
Hand Crafted: Writing and Publishing Chapbooks (Dan Brady, Justin Marks, Mark Cugini)

PANEL SESSION 2: 10:45–11:45
Inside the Editor’s Desk Drawer: What Makes the Final Cut and What Doesn’t (Julie Wakeman-Linn, Mark Drew, Kendra Kopelke, John Wang, Travis Kurowski)
Down Which Mean Streets? (Art Taylor, Nik Korpon, Steve Weddle)
Let’s Make Stuff Together: Collaboration in Writing
Experimental Forms in Nonfiction (Marissa Landrigan, Sheila Squillante)
Sentence Power (Ed Perlman)
The chemistry of the poetic line: Line Breaks and Poetry (Jim Warner)

PANEL SESSION 3: 3:30 — 4:30
Who’s Talking?: Point of View in Fiction (Geoffrey Becker, Leslie Pietrzyk)
Think Small: Working with a Small Poetry Press (Brian Fanelli, Dawn Leas)
Is Fiction Dead?: The Rise of Creative Nonfiction (Cathy Alter, Tim Wendel)
The Art and Necessity of Practice (Beth Konkoski)
Writing is Revision (Dave Housley, D Foy, Rae Bryant, Ben Tanzer, Jessica Anya Blau)



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