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I, Potomac Review editor in chief, the editorial board, and the PR interns were brainstorming contest themes. We knew we wanted flash fiction because we love it and our debate was on to keep me from calling for Magic realism entries(too restrictive and too hard argued the interns and editors).

We started playing with ideas, looking to our origins–the Potomac river. We discussed and rejected water, politics, rivers, and Intern Marc came up with Brackish. We jumped on it. Why? Two reasons.

First it’s a great sounding word and second, the Potomac and the Chesapeake bay are linked in the watershed, and the Bay is a mixture of salt water and fresh water–it’s Brackish.So send us your flash fiction about two things (people, ideas, anything) that shouldn’t mix, but do.

All entries considered for publication and we follow CLMP guidelines. Our judge will be the amazing Kirk Nesset. Contest dates: February 28—April 5. Enter online at Check the website for further details. The winner will receive publication in Potomac Review, a year’s subscription to Potomac Review, and $1,000!

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