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Intern Marc blogs about one of his favorite webzines.

About a year ago I went through, arguably, my most intense case of writer’s block to date. Nothing seemed to work. Working on something else, changing my scenery, writing at different times, all proved unsuccessful. I even began taking short naps throughout the day which oddly seemed to make it worse somehow. That was until I happened to stumble upon a short online story titled “An Open Apology to the Arizona Cardinals.” The story centers on a man who believes he is the curse of his beloved team. The suspense and eerily realistic tone (especially for us fans) made it an instant favorite and one that I would highly suggest to anyone with an appetite for the paranormal. But I have to admit, what I really got out of this sudden discovery wasn’t so much the story (as good as it was), but the website that published it.

69 Flavors of Paranoia is a website for anyone who can appreciate good horror, consisting of fiction, artwork and films that are sure to leave you wanting more. It’s unique “horror restaurant” theme allows you to view numerous stories through a variety of menus.  The wine cellar depicts the traditional restaurant style atmosphere that distributes the stories into menu options, (appetizers, desserts, etc…) while the VIP section gives you an in depth look at the authors of those respective stories. I have been a follower of 69FoP for the better part of a year now and have read many great pieces including “Two Senses” by M. Shaw,  “The True Victims” by Philip Roberts, and “Jam” by Elizabeth O’Hara, just to name a few.  They also have recently added short films such as “Strings Attached,” which had won three awards including best editing. With their newest menu premiering on the 21st, I’m sure it’ll hit new boundaries in the realm of horror.

69 Flavors of Paranoia is at and “An Open Apology to the Arizona Cardinals can be found at

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