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It’s been so exciting to fall in love again with “Fallen Fruit,” “Alice Dale” and “Edges.”  We discovered the beautiful early essays from Eil Flam’s editorship, including “Four hands” by Steve Piacente and “Summer in the Balance” by BK Atrostic. The legacy of first poetry editor, Hilary Tham, is reflected in several poems originally chosen by her and her own whimsical but honest “Mrs. Wei and Fat Slug” pair of poems, a call and response by Hilary and Miles David Moore. This issue has incredible poetry, narrative, lyric, formal and free.

Publication date is early September but we would like you to consider placing an advance order so we can guarantee availability. We know the demand for this issue is likely to exceed our usual print run. Click here and select “The Current Issue” for $10 or “One Year Subscription” for $17, a savings of $3.

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