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This week should be a treat, as our interns, who sadly depart soon, have written blog entries about their experiences. The interns are an integral part of Potomac Review, and this batch was a gem. The obvious high point would be the kilts they wore for the Conversations and Connections writer’s conference, as they helped make the speed dating run smoothly, playing the part of the hockey-style enforcers (and the time keeper who had to authoritatively yell TIME when it was time). The interns also complete a whole bunch of glue-type tasks that help PR run so swimmingly.

So you should enjoy that.

Assorted links:
-I visited a newish, slightly about books exhibit at the National Gallery of Art called Heaven on Earth: Manuscript Illuminations. It was astonishing how much detail and beauty can be found in the middle of an uppercase, olden typefaced “O” at the start of a chapter/story.
-One of my favorite novelists Colson Whitehead has a new book out. Check out the good review at NYT. His previous book, Apex Hides the Hurt, was good, but not as absolutely brilliant as the one before that, The Illusionist.
-There was an NPR article, and a ton of others, about the missing poet Craig Arnold. For up-to-date information on him, join the facebook group “Find Craig Arnold” and help in any way you can.

That’s it for now.


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