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I was trying to figure out a good name for a brief rundown of links and minor notes…marginalia, what you write on the side of a book, a sort of dialogue with the text, as this blog is a dialogue with the Internet and our readers…I like it.

-Tonight we co-host Alice McDermott for a reading on the Rockville Montgomery College Campus. So join us at 7:30.

-The conference, as Julie stated in the earlier post, went extremely well. Our friends at Barrelhouse seemed to think so as well.

-When I came up for air after the writer’s conference, I checked out this #amazonfail storm (where Amazon stopped showing GLBT literature on their sales rankings) because writer friends were linking to last week on facebook (join us! on facebook!). It seems like there are two lines of thought on this: the “nothing to see here, move along now” that tries to quell the vitriol and the “wait a second, this does still mean something.” Honestly, both of these essays are so persuasive, at the end of them I agreed with both. That, my friends, is called a cop-out.

-We’re going to be sending our Issue 45! hot off the presses to a few review websites and other places, like Galatea Ressurects and NewPages. If you have any suggestions for other publications or websites that review literary journals, leave us a suggestion in the comments.


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