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Happy Weekend, all! We are incredibly excited that issue #45 is off to the presses. The content is top notch, and the photo section is pretty spectacular, too. Speaking of content…we were remarking just the other day how impressive the submissions have been of late – some really, really good writing out there. Keep it coming!

As I’m writing this, I am aware of the fact that I am procrastinating…no, not at work (it IS Saturday, after all). In truth, I need to finish up a piece of non-fiction I’ve been writing and send it to my writing group, which is holding it’s first official meeting this coming week. Having been out of my writing program for roughly two years, I have to admit – it’s tough to get back into the notion of writing ‘under a deadline’, but alas, I am the type of writer who could use that kind of gentle pressure every now and then. I am thrilled to be a part of this small but talented group, and I truly believe it will be a great way to revamp my poetry and non-fiction (my fellow poet friends have been kind enough to indulge my somewhat recent foray into non-fiction, which I appreciate immensely). I am beyond excited to read their work, and to begin to emerge out of the oftentimes isolating act of writing by myself, for myself. I suppose the point of all this is that if you’ve been putting off joining a writers’ group or workshop, don’t delay! For those of us who have all the ambition and inspiration in the world but who all to often find ourselves staring at blank pages, it can be just the remedy. Happy writing.
–Leila Emery, Managing Editor

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