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My name is Taylor and I’m 21 years old. I work full-time and attend MC part-time. I’m working on my Associates in General Studies, but my end goal is to be involved in the mental health field.

I’m an Aquarius, my favorite animals are frogs, and I believe in aliens. I like making jewelry and doing crafty, hands-on projects, and I adore crystals and things to do with magic and nature.

I’m an intersectional feminist who is passionate about human rights – I am constantly trying to educate and challenge myself to be a better ally and activist.

I greatly enjoy horror movies and novels, and anything creepy, morbid, and macabre.

I love music: specifically rock, alternative, punk, and jazz. I can also play trumpet, guitar, and a bit of piano. It is a habit of mine to take nighttime scenic drives just to listen to music.

I also love breakfast food for any (and every) meal and I live off of excessive coffee. When I’m not at school, work, or asleep, I try to spend as much time as possible outside; I especially love exploring forests.

If you see me around the Rockville campus, feel free to say hi! I’m pretty shy at first but I’m a very friendly and kind person, I promise.

My Posts

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Misconceptions: A Rant

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Take Advantage of Student Discounts!

Happy Wednesday, Raptors! It’s the day before payday for myself; I know many of you understand the struggle. My humble checking account and I are here to inform you of STUDENT PERKS! There are SO…

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Self Care: A Discussion

  Hello Raptors! I’m typing today by the side of my two best friends, Sojourner McKinzie and Pamela Orellana, both of whom are also MC students! Today I’m gonna talk about finding balance between school,…

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How To Study For More Than Five Minutes

Happy Hump Day Raptors! Midterms are quickly approaching. I personally struggle with procrastinating, and put off studying until the night, or even morning, before a test. Cramming really is not an effective way to study,…

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Wake Up, You Need To Make Money The life of the humble retail worker is not an easy one. Minimum wage, spoiled customers, unappreciative bosses, infuriating coworkers, long hours, rinse and repeat. Yet, so many Montgomery College students wake up to…

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