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Namasté everyone! My name is Om’Anand Tiwari, but everyone calls me Om. Two things that you’ll realize about me if we ever meet in person is that I have horrible volume control when I speak. I literally do not know how to whisper; it’s just not in my repertoire of life skills. Secondly,  I’m excessively Indian and it’s contagious. You’ll become a bit louder and a bit more Indian than you are now after we hang out.

I was born in DC and raised in Olney, locally grown and cheeseburger fed. I attended Barrie Private School, Greenwood Elementary, Rosa Parks Middle School, and Bethesda Chevy Chase High School. I’ve spent the last nine and a half years living in India where I attended medical school. I’ve only recently moved back home after deciding to leave my career in medicine behind, and this is my first semester at MC! You might see me on campus or in the area dancing while I walk. Stop me and say hi! I promise I’m not crazy, I’m just jamming out to my music.

My Posts

Spring Break

Hindi Words of the Week: वसंत Vasant (vuh-suh-nnth) – spring आनंदAnand (aah-nuh-nnd) - happiness Hi Raptors! Spring break is here! I hope you all have some good plans for the time off ahead. I plan…

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My addiction

Hindi Words of the Week: तबला Tabla (ta-bla) - drums गाना Gana (gaa-na) - song/music   My addiction is a serious one, and I don’t care how distracting it can be. It is possibly the most…

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Zelda or Sheikah?

Hindi Words of the Week: बर्फ  Baraf (buh-ruff) - Snow/Ice गरम  Garam (guh-rum) - Warm   Hello raptors, it's that time of year. Snow days are falling into our laps and we have to take…

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Welp, Guess I need Help.

Hindi words of the week: अध्यापक Adhyaapak (uhth-yaa-puk) – instructor or teacher मदद Madad (muh-the-ud) - help Hello all, this was a killer week for me. It was full of family events, work and school…

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Welcome back Raptors! New year, new me, new you and all that jazz right? Haha. It's February now, 2019 is chugging along and classes have been going on for a few weeks. Hopefully, everything is…

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We Finished!

Hindi words of the week: छुट्टी Chutti (ch-ʊ-tee) – holiday ख़त्म Khatam (kʌ-thʌm) - finished   It’s the end of the semester raptors! You made it! Give yourself a pat on the back for pulling…

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The Mountain

Hindi Words of the Week: चिड़िया Chidiya (ch-ird-iya) – bird ज़िन्दगी Zindagi (zin-da-gee) – life A long time ago, I went to France. It was a life-changing experience. I learned many life lessons on that…

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Pawprints on my Heart

Hindi Words of the Week:             दोस्त Dost (dh-oh-sst) – friend           अलविदा Alvida (ull-vih-the) – goodbye We buried his ashes next to the others. All our…

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Can You Play Time

Hindi Words of the Week: वक़्त – Waqt (vuh-kt) – Time खेल – Khel (kh-ale) – Game   It's nearing the end of the semester Raptors. How have you guys been keeping up? I'm pooped…

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Why Don’t Most Men Cry?

Hindi Words of the Week: ठंडा  Thanda (ta-un-da) - cold आदमी  Aadmi (ah-the-me) - man   This week in my Psychology class we started discussing gender. Something we touched upon during the class was called…

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Halfway There

Hindi Words of the Week: आधा Aadha (ah-dh-uh) – half जल्दी Jaldi (juh-ll-dee) – quickly Hey everyone, hope all is well. We've officially reached the middle of the semester! Yay! Give yourself a pat on…

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Are You Strong?

Are you strong? How strong exactly do you think you are? I’m not talking about physical strength; I’m talking about emotional, psychological strength. Can you handle a failing grade? Can you deal with your best…

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I Never Would Have Imagined

Hindi Words of the Week: संचार  Sanchaar (sun-ch-arr) – communication बात करना  Baat Karna (bah-th kʌ-rrr-na) – to speak I never would have imagined it, and I'm not quite sure where to begin, except to…

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To Sleep, to Study, or to Socialize? That is the Question.

Hindi words of the week: Padhai (pa-dha-ee) – to study सोना Sona (so-na) – to sleep My brother-in-law gave me some advice a long time ago. He said, “There’s three things you can do in…

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Are You a Turtle or a Hare?

  Hindi words of the week: खरगोश  Kharagosh (kha-arr-gō-sh) - Rabbit कछुआ  Kachhua (ka-ch-oo-äh) - Turtle Welcome to the new school year everyone! I hope that it’s progressing well for you as we are already…

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