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I have been at Montgomery College since the fall of 2015. Originally from Montgomery County, I left the area in 2001 after graduating high school. I lived in Canada, Mexico, Scotland, and Uruguay before returning to the States for three years in New York City. After ten years away from home, I came back to the DC region in 2011. I began a career in radio and now works as a soundboard operator at WAMU 88.5, DC’s local National Public Radio member station. Curiosity about video and television production brought me back to school. My favorite part of production is video editing. Outside of school and work, I spend as much time as possible with her six-toed cat, Columbo; ideally while watching Bob’s Burgers.

My Posts

MC Voices: Meet Destini Vaughn

One of the best things about coming back to school has been meeting new people and making new friends - like Destini!

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MC Voices: Open House

Friday, November 18th was Open House Day at Montgomery College. We pulled out all the stops in the Media Arts & Technologies Department.

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MC Voices: Life Shows Up

Life can be hectic enough between school and other responsibilities, so when illness, accidents, or family emergencies hit it can be hard to stay afloat.

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Sickness is no fun

I am sick this week. But nothing a few days of rest, tea, a Snuggie, and a Columbo can't repair.

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MC Voices: Work Through MC

Montgomery College offers cool job opportunities. Misha Kozak and I got a freelancing video production gig through Professor Koch and it was awesome.

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Second Time Around

Being a student at 33 is a little different than at 18. And I am loving every minutes of it 🙂

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Bat Boy The Musical

It's the start of the 2016-17 Montgomery College Performing Arts Series! I went to the first production and had a great time. Check out the schedule and upcoming shows at

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