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Hey my name is Michael Gorres, I’m 21 years old and a Graphic Design Major at the Rockville campus of Montgomery College. I was born and raised in Montgomery County and graduated from Magruder High School. After graduating from MC, I hope to receive a bachelor’s degree from UMBC. Eventually, I intend to become a successful graphic designer at a well known Gaming Company.

When I’m not in school or at work I like to play video games, try new foods, go hiking, and hang out with my friends. To me, the best memories are those spent with great people. I’m pretty much an energetic, nerdy, and creative guy.  I look forward to entertaining you with all my adventures in and around campus!

My Posts

Getting Ready For Graduation

Lets talk Graduation. You'll get some papers in the mail that you'll have to turn in so you can walk at graduation. In this video I go to MC in Rockville to register for graduation.

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The Art Walk

This video will show you some art work on campus that students make.

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JSTEM Learning Center

The new building is done! have you seen it? Its so cool!

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MC Rockville Campus Library

This video will show you a great place to study if you're on the Rockville campus.

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The New Rockville Store

The store hours are open from 8:00am -6:30pm I'm really liking the new MC campus look. I wonder what the campus will look like a couple years from now.

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Button Mashers

In this video i go through my typical Friday with the Button Mashers Club They usually meet on Friday's starting at 2 ending at 4 in the Campus Center

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What Do You Do Between Classes?

Here is a link to the MC events page. You can find clubs and other activities on the MC website too, just check campus life.

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More Parking

The Rockville parking garage is open. No more looking for an open space anymore.

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My Mistake

This video will help you GRADUATE!

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After MC

What am I suppose to do after MC? Will I change? What will be different? What should i do?

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Exam Prep

Final are coming! Be prepared for them!

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A Glimpse into Graphic Design

In this video you get to see a little bit of the Graphic Design class at the Rockville Campus. On this day we were making Logos and Resumes for Jobs and Schools to apply to.

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Community College VS 4 Year Institute

A reflection of my time a MC and some advice and perspective to future college students.

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Chill Day

Its ok to take a break. We all need a break sometimes. You could set a day aside to make sure you are ready to start fresh again.

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World of Montgomery Festival

You  find treasure at MC sometimes. You never know what exciting thing you might run into next. This time I found the World of Montgomery Festival at the Rockville campus. Montgomery College you amaze me…

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Its about a quarter into the semester and I'm already procrastinating. The library is an awesome place to go because there are no distractions there. Go to anyplace that is quiet and not at home…

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Food in the Rockville Campus

You can always get some good food on campus. This video shows the food and the places to eat in the Rockville campus. Let me know what you guys think and what you guess usually…

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5 Items That Will Save Your Day

The weather at MC can sometimes be unpredictable so make sure to be prepared. Hope this video helped! Thanks for Watching!

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