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John Arango

My name is John and I like cats. My dad’s from Colombia and my mom’s from El Salvador. I have been attending Montgomery College (full-time) for two years now. I did not rush into college after high school graduation because I wanted time to decide what major I should study. I also gave entrepreneurship a shot (it wasn’t as easy as it seemed…)

After many self-evaluations and numerous online career assessments, I ultimately decided that the best major for me is communications. Many hobbies I do can fall under the major (e.g. graphic arts, video editing, etc.) I want to become a Communications professor and/or a social media marketer. Also, I major in Communications because I’m bad at math.

I like to be creative, which is why I love video editing and art. I’m a goofy person as well. Combine my creativity with my goofiness? I guarantee that you’ll never get bored from my content. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and prepare to be entertained by my interesting, legendary, 100% NOT BORING vlogs!

My Posts

Cutting my own hair!

I decided to celebrate the end of the semester by becoming my own barber!

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How I feel about online classes

Day 43 and these are my quick & silly thoughts about online classes. Note: I eventually say "Zoom" instead of "online classes" because it's just faster and easier to say.

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A fun quarantine challenge for guys

Let's see how long we can grow our hairs out until the outbreak is over! Might as well occupy ourselves with some funny challenges here and there.

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How I’m managing my quarantine

Video games, tv shows, and bonding with family members in the household are ways I prevent myself from getting bored in this quarantine lifestyle.

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Ask questions!

Don't be afraid to raise your hand when you have a question!

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How I practice my Speeches

Worrying out about that speech you must do for your final? Here's my personal advice.

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Bulletin boards are great!

You can find job postings, theatre auditions or performances, rooms for rent, discount codes for online merchants, things for sale (like textbooks), club meetings, and much more from the bulletin boards at the MC Rockville…

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What I do in my spare time in-between classes!

Time to eat, time to study, time to hang out with classmates... you can do a lot of things in-between classes!

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Eat your breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it converts the food you eat into energy that can be used for the whole day. You need energy to study, right?

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I enjoy volunteering!

I am currently volunteering at Nourish Now and I love every second of it! If you would like to volunteer here, you can find the volunteer submission form right here: You can learn about this…

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Too tired to drive back home?

Taking a nap in your car is much safer than drowsy driving!

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Stressed from mid-terms? Hit the gym!

Working out in the gym at the Rockville Campus (during open hours) is a great way to relieve mid-term stress! View the Rockville Campus, Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus, and Germantown Campus open gym hours here.…

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Having Trouble Parking?

The North Garage at Montgomery College, Rockville Campus is a great place to park! It saves you time from searching for an open parking spot outside.

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Need a place to study?

The Montgomery College Library has some great places to study! You can reserve a study space here!

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